Meet Our Partners

Maneuvering womanhood can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it's about sensitive sexual topics.  Having trusted resources to lean on from Real Women with Real Experiences is incredibly valuable, but also time consuming to weed through all the social media hype.  The links provided below are to private groups, books, podcasts, blogs and other resources that are trusted partners of Unchained Goddess.  You may need to copy and paste the link info into your own browser.

The Facebook group Ladies Love Desire is an amazing women only group that is a safe place for sensitive, sexual and lifestyle choice nonjudgmental related discussions.  All requests to join are subject to approval.


In Bed with Us is a Podcast: Join Andie and Tanner as they climb into bed and discuss hilarious stories and proven sexology facts to help you discover mind-blowing sex and better relationships!


Sex Unabashed is an open and honest Blog discussing women's' sex associated shame.  A resource for women to embrace all of who they are as a sexual being.